Lurkers of the Abyss

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New limited airdrop collection

Daemons, the Lurkers of the Abyss

Launched December 2021

Swayed by the siren call of powerful Old Magick, a small minority of Grims have defected towards a more ominous path—summoning daemons from the dark abyss.

Unleashed with few attributes at first, these Daemons will be customizable through the crafting system in Lordrym’s Workshop.

How to Get a Daemon

3 Grims = 1 Daemon

1 Lurker of the Abyss Daemon was airdropped to holders for each set of 3 Grims in their wallet at the time of the snapshot on December 18th. You can also buy one on the secondary market now. Buy a Daemon

3 Grims (not burned)
1 Daemon

Doom Chalices

A Doom Chalice allows you to summon a Lurker of the Abyss. Some will be available for minting, others will have to be won or found. Doom Chalices will be burned in order to summon a Daemon. You can also buy one on the secondary market now. Buy a Doom Chalice

Doom Chalice (burned)
1 Daemon



Known for their ferocity as warriors, Ancient Daemons are raised in the art of combat. While their impressive stature makes them a towering horror on the battlefield, their natural ability to enter into a temporal ghostlike state makes them difficult to hit and even harder to predict.


Never a good omen, Balrog Daemons are rarely seen anywhere but at the site of an apocalypse. These world-enders can swallow whole hordes in a single gnash of their toothy maw; which has earned them the nickname “Annihilation Incarnate”. The countless worlds these bringers of armageddon may be responsible for is incalculable — and unthinkable.


Notorious tricksters and cunning dealmakers, Capra Daemons were some of the first Daemons to make contact with those outside of the Abyss. They’ve been worshipped as gods in a number of worlds, which may explain their overly confident disposition.


A cracked egg that hosts some sort of Daemon within. No doubt, it would be easy to see what was inside were it possible to get any closer. Alas, an unbearable, volcanic heat permeates the air around it as if some sort of shield of protection — and then there’s the stench. Best leave this mystery be. For now.


Chiseled from Bloodstone and imbued with a beating Voidheart, Gargoyle Daemons serve as sentries for Abyssal keeps. Gargoyle’s wings are able to shield themselves and allies from incoming attack. It was once believed that de-winging a Gargoyle would nullify their defensive abilities, but a “phantom” wing is still somehow able to block damage.


Skilled prophets and mysterious doomcriers, Godeaters are some of the oldest Daemons in existence. Insatiably hungering, Godeaters have been known to consume the remains of Astrals — flesh, bone, and other celestial material. These ascendant beings are responsible for bringing the hordes of the Abyss together.


Gifted telepathists, Harbinger Daemons are known not only for their capacity to read minds, but more so their ability to control them. It’s said that to hear the actual voice of a Harbinger is enough to drive one mad. Few have lived to tell the tale.


Small in stature but mighty in numbers, Imps are the very definition of legion. They also possess the rare ability to jump short distances through planar tears, making them formidable rogues. Judge them by their size at your own peril.


Masters of pyromancy and other sorceries, Infernal Daemons were once Imp Daemons who delved too deeply into unknown Magick. Tragically, there is little left of their original selves within their broken minds. They ceaselessly chant and mumble cryptic incantations as if driven mad in a fevered state of ascension.


Gargantuan behemoths of the battlefront, Primordial Daemons are fearsome monstrosities that work themselves into a blood frenzy. To be bested in combat often means exile amongst their ranks. There’s nothing short about a Primordial Daemon — save for their fragile tempers.


Composed entirely of shadow matter, Umbral Daemons are enigmatic beings with no known history or origin. While little is known about their arcane nature, it’s rumored they feed on dying stars. No one has even seen an Umbral without their hood.

Frequently Asked Questions

There are still a lot of things that are unknown regarding the Lurkers, but we’ll do our best to field any questions.

How many Doom Chalices are there in total?

There are exactly 300 Doom Chalices available, but not all of them will be acquired in the same way. Some will be available for minting, while others may have to be found or won.

How many Daemons are there?

There are 2,916 Daemons existing outside of the original Grim collection. 2,616 were distributed to Grim holders on Dec 22nd following the snapshot taken on Dec 18th. The remaining 300 will be distributed to holders of Doom Chalices. Remaining Doom Chalices will be distributed through contests, giveaways and future airdrops. Or you can buy one on the secondary market now.

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