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A collection of 10,000 unique, generative reaper agent NFTs minted on the Solana Blockchain. These Grims are both a pass into the community, as well as, a transportative ticket into a new infinitum of experiences.

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The Grim Syndicate launched our initial 10K NFT mint on October 1, during which all of our Grims were purchased in a mass sellout (the good kind, not the Reel Big Fish kind). Can you believe it? We couldn’t be more thrilled about the success of this project and the community at large.

But fear not! We’re actually very early on and we still have so many incredible experiences planned for our Grim holders (more on that below)! And the good news is: some Grims are now available for purchase on the secondary market. Check out some of the current marketplaces to purchase a Grim below.

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So... What's Next?

Now that the project has been successfully funded and the initial Grim mint is out and into the hands of collectors, we’re hard at work on the next thrilling chapters of the Grim Syndicate. That includes knocking out items from our roadmap, as well as adding a few new pieces along the way—shaped by both creative leadership and community input. We’re so very elated to be able to continue building out this wild universe with the support of a passionate, visionary community. It’s the stuff of dreams!

Let’s talk a bit more about the exciting new chapters of the Grim Syndicate available exclusively to Grim holders!

New limited airdrop collection

Lurkers of the Abyss

Launched December 2021

It’s said that some Grims forge a new path; taking part in the Void Sacrament and thereby summoning a Daemon!

The next lore-driven chapter of the Grim universe is all about these mysterious beings from the Abyssal Plane. Will they bring about the near obliteration of the Infinitum as they once did or might they be the key to a whole new age?

All holders with 3 Grims in their wallet at the time of the snapshot (December 18th, 2021) received a Daemon airdrop. 1 Daemon was received for every 3 Grims.

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New collection

Lordrym's Workshop

Launching Q1 2022

Banised for delving into the world of Old Magick, Lordrym has returned, opening his workshop of wonders to the Grims for an ethereal crafting system.

Grims from the original collection will start to produce ingredients and resources that can be used in Lordrym’s Crafting Workshop. Ingredient drops will occur randomly—different bases and attributes will also offer specialty ingredients.

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The Grim Syndicate Roadmap

Access Vector Files

It’s your artwork and we fully intend to pass over all creative rights to the holder. We will be providing the full vector files for your full creative pleasures. Want to wrap your car in a giant grim? Go right ahead, you’ll have the vector file to do it. Grab your vectors

Merch Store

We’ve had experience in this realm and it’s a space we’d love to continue to explore. Pins, patches, stickers, apparel (and vinyl toys!) in the Grim Universe are on the way! These will be limited edition goods and we can’t wait to share them with you. Additionally we will allocate 20% of the profits to be fed directly back into the Grim Syndicate community wallet.

Community Wallet

We are going to donate 20% of the revenue to the community wallet. We will take the community's feedback to determine the direction for spending. Any and all royalties (we will be setting royalties at 5%) will also be donated to the community wallet at 20%. This can include raffles, investments, charities, etc. The exact makeup will be determined by you!

Lordrym’s Workshop: Initial Airdrop

Grim holders will receive 1 ingredient for each Grim unlisted and in their wallet. These ingredients will be available to use in crafting recipes in Lordrym’s Workshop.

Lurkers of the Abyss: Airdrop

Grim holders will receive 1 Daemon for every set of 3 Grims that are unlisted and in the same wallet. These Daemons will exist outside the original Grim collection and you will be able to make modifications to your Daemons using crafted recipes.

Lordrym's Workshop Opens

Lordrym will open his workshop to Grims, who can then use the ingredients they’ve received to craft equipment and modifications for both themselves and Daemons.

Official Rarity Index

We want you to know which items you’ve got and where they fall in the rarity index (from Common to Mythic). Our website will have an easily navigable Rarity Index where you can see what you have as well as check out new items you want to be on the lookout for. Each item will have a small description that is supplied with it as well, for a little world-building and enjoyment!

Card Game

The lore around the Grim Syndicate has been a big part of this project, as it combines our love of art and storytelling. Previously, our team worked on a small iOS game called Nodeshifter on iOS and Android, so we have experience in game building. As avid (tabletop, board, and video) gamers, we’d love to take you to the world of the Thereafter in a card game. Expect competitive mechanics, new artwork, and lore.

Frequently Asked Questions

Let’s break character for a bit and answer all of (Thereafter) life’s most burning questions

How many NFTs were released?

There were exactly 10,000 Agent Reapers—Grims, as they’re colloquially named—released on Oct. 1. Mint price was 1.5 SOL.

So why another PFP project?

Let’s be blunt: there are a lot of these out there. It’s been something of an explosion of creativity and commerce in the NFT space and there’s a lot to celebrate about that!

One of the most compelling things we’ve seen some out of the space is the formation of communities that come around these projects and embrace their identities with art. It’s an amazing time to be involved in this community and we love the fact that so many doors are opening to so many new faces (digital and otherwise).

On a technical level, we’ve created the Grim Syndicate with format in mind—which means that they fit well in the avatar view by balancing complexity and simplicity.

On a creative level, we love skulls. And we wanted to draw more of them.

I’m new to Solana. How do I mint an NFT with that blockchain?

In order to purchase a Reaper, you’ll need to use Solana, which you can get at most of the exchanges (Coinbase, Binance, FTX, Voyager). You’ll want to have about some extra Solana to cover the network transaction fee which will be a nice departure from the gas fees you may have experienced on other blockchains.

Once you get some SOL, you’ll need a wallet to store it in. If you’re familiar with ether and their wallets (such as Metamask), let us introduce you to Phantom Wallet.

We’ll be creating a visual guide for this as well.

What do I get with my Grim Syndicate NFT?

With a purchase of your Grim NFT, you will receive a high-res PNG version of the artwork (sized at 2880 x 2880) and access to download an SVG (fully scalable, non-pixelated vectors).

The visual assets (meaning, the .png files stored on Arweave) that correspond to the NFT you have purchased (let’s call these the “Artworks”) belong to you. By purchasing a Grim, you obtain certain creative rights to the associated Artwork. Specifically, we will be providing the full vector files for each Grim you own, and as long as you are the holder of that Grim, you have the non-exclusive right to create and sell physical items using that design. Want to wrap your car in a giant Grim? Go right ahead, you’ll have the vector file to do it.

In addition to the right to create, manufacture, distribute, and sell commercial merchandise featuring your Artwork, as the holder of a Grim, you also have the right to display the Artwork on third party marketplaces exchanges, platforms, or applications in association with an offer by you to sell or trade the corresponding Grim, and to display the Artwork on personal devices and within decentralized virtual environments, virtual worlds (e.g. in the metaverse), virtual and/or physical galleries and museums, and other navigable and/or perceivable virtual and/or physical display and/or exhibition environments (together with the merchandise license, these are your “permitted uses”). We can’t wait to see how you show off your Grim!

While the permitted uses are intended to embrace the creativity and pride of our community of Grim holders, the project team has reserved certain rights to enable us to expand the Grim Universe for our collective enjoyment. Holding a Grim does not entitle you to make any derivative creative works from the Artwork or the Grim lore, including by developing or authorizing any creative content that derives from or adapts the same, whether for publication (e.g. comic book, encyclopedia, lexicon), broadcast (e.g., animation, live action, feature film, short-form episodic or non-episodic show or series), digital (e.g. gaming) or other format, nor to exploit our trademarks or other intellectual property.

What exactly is an NFT?

If you’re new to all of this crypto talk, welcome!

While there are oodles and oodles of technical bit and bytes, the short of it is that NFT stands for “non-fungible token.” These tokens are essentially digital items that live in the blockchain (which, yes, may be another word you haven’t heard of before).

In this case, the token is a piece of art that’s been “minted” on said blockchain (in this case, Solana) that is one-of-a-kind and fully yours to own! How about that!

Here are some great resources that may be helpful to read more about: https://www.schoolofmotion.com/blog/what-is-crypto-art-why-motion-designers-should-care

Meet The Team

We’re the faces behind the Grim Syndicate. Think of us as intergalactic custodians.



Justin Mezzell

Design + Illustration




Minister of Art


Minister of Coin

Father Time

Minister of Finance


Minister of Growth


Minister of Interior


Ministry of coin intern (engineering)


Ministry of finance intern


Minister of Growth Intern (Collaborations)


RG + Art

The Grim Explorer

RG + Art


Art Department


Realm Guardian


Realm Guardian