God of curiousity and innovation


Among the Astrals, Lordrym was a God of both curiousity and innovation, assisting mortals in their quest for knowledge and bringing about greats strides for evolution.

To further sate his desire for discovery, Lordrym created a workshop in a pocket universe called Akrhana.

But delving into all manner of forbidden Magick came at a cost–tearing at the very fabric of reality and even bringing about the Daemon scourge.


the crafters

It was the Grims who found Lordrym. They struck a deal to relight his forge and use his workshop's to build divine creations. In exchange, the Grims would bring estranged astral materials from across the cosmos.

Grims from the original collection will start to produce ingredients and resources that can be used in Lordrym’s Crafting Workshop. Ingredient drops will occur randomly—different bases and attributes will also offer specialty ingredients.


the crafted

Known as the lurkers of the Abyss, these beasts that have crept their way into the Knownverse, bringing with them cosmic horrors — the likes of which had never been seen before. Defected Grims have been calling forth these abhorrent horrors from the beyond.

Using the ingredients and resources gathered, Grims can enhance and equip Daemons.

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The Crafting Workshop

Banised for delving into the world of Old Magick, Lordrym has returned, opening his workshop of wonders to the Grims for an ethereal crafting system.

How to Enhance a Daemon

1 Grim + 1 Daemon + 1 Recipe

1 Grim
1 Daemon
1 Recipe


The Grims struck a deal with Lordrym to bring estranged Astral precious materials from across the cosmos—a bargain that could very well bring about a new age for the whole infinitum.

The astral ingredients collected by the Grims will formulate recipes used in the Crafting Workshop to enhance Daemons. These precious materials come in varying rarities, from common to unique.

Revealed Ingredients

Count: 1801 + 91 Holo
Count: 1800 + 90 Holo
Count: 1799 + 91 Holo
Count: 1328 + 69 Holo
Count: 1329 + 70 Holo
Count: 737 + 38 Holo
Count: 252 + 14 Holo
Count: 300 + 15 Holo
Counts are subject to change



Frequently Asked Questions

There are still a lot of things that are unknown regarding the Lordrym's Workshop, but we’ll do our best to field any questions.

Do I need a Grim to use the Workshop?

Yes, Grims are the crafters who are able to bring and use ingredients in the workshop. An added benefit of having a Grim is that an unlisted Grim in your wallet gives you a chance to receive ingredients in airdrops.

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How do I get ingredients?

You have a chance at receiving an ingredient in airdrops if you have unlisted Grims in your wallet. You can also purchase ingredients on the secondary market.

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How do I get a Daemon?

If you held 3 Grims in the same wallet at the time of the Lurkers of the Abyss snapshot on December 18th, you should have a Daemon in your wallet for each set of 3 Grims. A Doom Chalice allows you to summon a Lurker of the Abyss or you can also buy Daemons on the secondary market.

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